About us

The idea was started in 2013 as a PHD thesis and the commercialization process began with the establishment of MD Arge in 2017. MD Arge is working to increase sensitivity and accuracy in cancer treatment. The first device is called “User Free Control” (UFC) since it eliminates the user dependent uncertainties. UFC measures, verifies and records both geometric and radiation tests quickly, precisely and accurately.


The goal of MD Arge is to continuously research and develop innovative products and methods needed in the field of radiation oncology. Our most important motivation is the benefit that the products and methods we have developed will provide to people.

Our Team

Since 2008, Deniz ÇELİK has been working as a medical physicist in the field of radiation oncology. After graduating from METU Physics Department, he completed his master’s degree in Radiotherapy Physics Department at Hacettepe University. In 2017, he received Ph.D. degree in Radiotherapy Physics Department of Istanbul University.
Ömür GÜRBÜZ graduated from the Department of Statistics at Hacettepe University in 2008 and then completed his master’s degree in Hacettepe University Statistics Department in 2015. He has developed himself in statistical analysis and analysis algorithms; has developed special clustering algorithms with extensive data analysis, analysis algorithms and experience in coding.

“We are not following innovation, we are creating a culture of innovation.”

Our Partners

Our partners who share our dreams and support us on this challenging journey