UFC measures, verifies and records both geometric and radiation tests quickly, precisely and accurately independent of user.

  • Light Field Test

  • Treatment Couch Rotation Test
  • Colimator Rotation Test


UFC is a next generation quality control system that can perform routine geometric and dosimetric QA tests independent of the user.

  • Single Device – It is possible to perform the QA tests that need to be done routinely in one device.

  • Objective Results – The results of tests are not dependent on the user.

  • Precise Measurements – Measurement resolution can be adjusted.(For instance, first test 1mm and second test 0.001mm )


UFC is unique device that can align its angle and detect the measurement point itself.

  • Quality – Design, software and hardware

  • Quick and precise measurement   – CsI (Tl) Scintillator High Resolution Photodiode Array

  • Unique–  Patented device.


UFC can measures, verifies and records the internationally recommended tests quickly, precisely and accurately.

  • Automatic – Before starting the tests, the UFC automatically aligns its angle and detects the measurement point itself, thus completely eliminating the user dependent uncertainties.

  • Unique – There is no other quality control device that can align its angle and detect the measurement point itself.

  • Future – According to the information obtained from the UFC software, it will be possible to predict when and which part of the LINAC will be out of the tolerance.

LINAC Acceptance Tests

UFC can be used in the LINAC acceptance tests with its quick, precise and accurate measurement capability. In this way, the data obtained during installation can be used as reference data in routine quality control tests.

Routine Quality Control Tests

Daily, monthly and annually tests can be performed accurately, precisely and user independent with UFC.

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